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Are you licensed?
Yes. A Caring Touch is licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health as a Home Services Agency.

Are your employees bonded and insured?
Yes. Employees of A Caring Touch are fully insured with general and professional liability insurance, a dishonesty bond, and worker’s compensation.

What kind of special equipment might we need to put in my parent’s home?
Depending on the diagnosis, you may need a shower chair, grab bars, a toilet seat extender, or a gait belt (for lifting).The staff at A Caring Touch is happy to discuss your situation and address all of your specific needs.

How much notice do you need to begin services?
We would like as much notice as possible, but we know that advanced notice isn’t always possible. That said, A Caring Touch can generally begin services within a few hours. 

What happens if an employee is ill or unable to come to work?
A Caring Touch prepares for this type of event by maintaining a full backup employee roster as well as an on-call employee roster that includes employees who are always prepared to step in.

Do we always get the same employee?
The goal of A Caring Touch is to have at least two employees who are familiar with the needs of you or your loved one. This ensures the best continuity of care. 

What if my parent doesn’t like the person that you send?
We understand that sometimes personalities don’t match. If this should occur, A Caring Touch will work with you to set up a more appropriate match.

Can the employee take my parent to appointments?
Of course! If the employee uses his/her own vehicle, mileage will be charged to the client. 

Who does your employee call if there is a problem?
Any problems are reported immediately to A Caring Touch’s office, which is open 24 hours a day. The staff at A Caring Touch will then advise the employee on how to proceed to resolve the problem.

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